Roxody Fasil – Classical Turkish Music

Ahmet Cagin –
Fasil Group Director / Conductor

Native of Istanbul -Turkey, Ahmet is playing Kanun over 25 years. His Kanun carrier inherited from his family. During his childhood he was raised surrounded by Turkish Classical Music. He started playing kanun when he was 10 years old; since than it has been his passion besides his professional career.
He started studying with Istanbul Technical Conservatory’s professor through private lessons and then got his education in Uskudar Music Association (Uskudar Musiki Cemiyeti). Ahmet is well known for his expert knowledge and wide repertoire of Turkish Classical Music
After he moved to the US, Ahmet has had numerous concerts with many groups. He was on stage at Stanford University, Yoshi’s, UCSF to name a few.

Ahmet received his undergraduate degrees in Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from Bogazici University and, completed his MBA at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. Currently, he is a Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank and Adjunct Professor with Golden Golden University. He is Coordinator and conductor of the Roxody Fasil group and willing to unite all the best fasil musicians to serve the community under same umbrella.

Serpil Bora

Serpil Bora is a graduate of Istanbul Technical University Music Conservatory with a specialty in Turkish Classical Music. During her conservatory education, she received vocal lessons from Alaeddin Yavasca, Cetin Korukcu, Tulin Korman and more. She plays kanun and ud, in addition to her singing career.

Prior to moving to the United States, she performed as a member of the Turkish Youth Chorus at Turkish State Radio and Television (TRT). She moved to the U.S. ten years ago. First, she joined the Middle East Music Ensemble directed by Issa Boulos in Chicago.

Consequently, she moved to Los Angeles, where she joined the Silk Road Music and Dance Ensemble as the primary vocalist singing the group’s Turkish Classical Music reparatory. In addition to giving concerts in the Los Angeles area, she has participated in the Middle East Music and Dance Camp as part of the Silk Road Music and Dance Ensemble by teaching and performing Turkish Classical songs.
She is now with Roxody Fasil and she is looking forward to represent Turkish Classical Music to wider audience.

Aaron Onur Uras –
Onur (Aaron) Uras started singing at Yeshua Aroyo’s Istanbul Madrigal Choir (1991-1994). In summer of 1994, he sang backvocal for Turkish Pop Diva Sezen Aksu during her Rumeli Castle concert series in Istanbul.
After moving to the US, he first took part in the Vocal Jazz Band “Mood Swing” in Ithaca, NY (1995-1996).
He continued his singing in New York City’s acclaimed Juilliard Choral Union from 2000-2003. With this choir he took part in several concerts in New York’s concert halls, including the Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. For the following two years he was the vocalist of a Turkish Pop Music band in the city, singing at different venues such as CBGB’s. His last band in New York City was “Malkuth”, that he co-founded with fellow Mediterranean musicians, where they performed ethnic Mediterranean, Balkan and Latin genres.
He is continuing his singing in San Francisco as a baritone at the SFGMC (San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir) as well as a vocalist at Roxody’s Fasil (Turkish Classical Music) Ensemble.
A native of Istanbul (Turkey), Onur Uras calls San Francisco home since 2008. He is single. Onur is a professional licensed structural engineer with a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering (Cornell University, 1996) and another one in Global Security Policy and the Middle East (Columbia University, 2006).

Ozgur Ozluk –
Ozgur Ozluk was born in Turkey. He has been singing as far as he can remember. In high school and college, he sang in several Turkish Classical Music Choirs both as a choir member and a soloist. During his PhD studies, he performed with UNC Chapel Hill Men’s Glee Club as a second tenor; with the group he toured many East Coast states. 

Ozgur has been living in San Francisco since 1999. In San Francisco, he performed for two years as part of a 10-member acapella group and for CMC Choir for two years, where he performed “Carmina Burana” and “Beethoven’s 9th”.
He also has training in the Middle Eastern Lute (Oud), that he received for two years in early 90s. “

Gunsu Temirer
Born and raised in Turkey, Gunsu Temirer started singing in Ankara with Papatyalar Choir, Turkish TV and Radio official children’s choir that gave concerts on Turkish TV every Friday nights. While studying Industrial Design at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey, she sang with Classical Choir of Ankara Devlet Conservatory. Gunsu Temirer ‘s artistic endeavors are multi-faceted.
While working on her PhD in Economics, she fell in love with the dance form of Dans Orientale and decided to pursue it as a career. She had a successful 10 years as a dance performer and teacher. She taught dance at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL while performing and teaching at many other Midwestern colleges such as Kent College, University of Iowa, Ohio State University, etc.
She concluded her dance career with a very successful tour of Southern India, dancing to an audience of 2000 people in a huge venue. Since then, Gunsu has been raising her children, Efe and Eda and performing with a local choir named ASWAT, finally joining Roxody to perform her beloved Turkish classical music.
Haluk Kecelioglu
Ud Player
Haluk Kecelioglu was born in Istanbul, Turkey and was raised in the United States. As a child he played classical guitar in the orchestra and as a young adult performed with several rock bands, until his rediscovery of the Turkish music he had heard his parents listening to. Since that time, he has devoted himself to studying the theory and practice of Turkish music and has been performing Turkish music professionally for over ten years. He plays the Turkish ud, violin and sings and has studied privately with Master musicians Necati Celik and Halil Karaduman. He is currently the director of Radio Istanbul, a Turkish urban-folk music group that has played at many notable Bay Area venues, such as Yoshi’s in San Francisco. Since joining Roxody, he has enjoyed performing and expanding his knowledge of the rich Turkish classical and popular repertoire.

Cem Albayrak
Cem Albayrak was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey.  He started to play violin at the age of 5 under the tutelage of Prof. Fethi Kopuz and continued his studies with Yusuf Küçükaksoy, who currently serves as concertmaster in the Kopuz Chamber Orchestra.  He was one of the co-founders of the Robert College Pop Orchestra in 1997 and served as the violin chair until 2001.  In addition to the orchestra concerts, he also gave several recitals during his tenure there.  Since his move to the United States in 2001, he has played with Turkish pop ensembles in the international student festivals in 2003 and 2007.

Cem moved to the Bay Area in 2005.  He holds a Master’s degree in chemical engineering (2008), and he finalized his doctoral degree in Stanford University.

Mete Tasin –
Mete Tasin is a compelling, versatile and vibrant opera singer who was born in Würzburg, Germany and raised in Turkey. He studied with Prof. Güzin Gürel at Istanbul University State Conservatory and later in the US with Patricia McCaffrey at Brooklyn College (Master of Music). His career began in Minnesota USA, with Carmen ( Don Jose ) and Lucia di Lammermoor ( Arturo ). Mete has been in many leading roles in Turkey, Europe, most recently in the United States.
Mete previously performed the lead role of Arlecchino in Pagliacci by Leoncavallo and Gastone in Verdi’s La Traviata at the Opera San Jose in California. He has also represented the San Francisco City Opera by singing at Union Street and North Beach Festivals as a soloist. Recently he performed with the Aurora Mandolin Orchestra in San Francisco.
Mete also had a lot of solo performances at one of the most important concert hall in Europe – called “Palau de la Musica” in Barcelona.
He has collaborated with well known conductors and coaches such as: William Hicks, Joan Dornemann, Deborah Birnbaum, John Yaffe, Gaetano Colajanni, Pier Calmelet, Ibrahim Yazici, Serdar Yalcin, Gokcen Koray, Rengim Gokmen, Koji Kawamoto, Cesar Ulloa, Sheri Greenawald, Ricardo Estrada, Montserrat Caballe, Carmen Bustamante, Roberto Accurso, Mark Nicolson…

We would like to thank remarkable musical expertise Mete Tasin, supporting Fasil group and entertaining our community in past few years.

We also would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to:
Haluk Kecelioglu (Ud) and Cem Albayrak  ( Violin). You’ve done so much
for Fasil Group. Best wishes from all of us.