About Us

Mission Statement

Roxody Production dedicates expanding boundaries with entertainment and music. We will capitalize on the ethnic entertainment market around the world through the production of high quality entertainment. Roxody also seeks the most passionate, talented musicians to enrich our company and help us forge the future vision and manage their concerts.
Roxody Fasil Group’s goal to provide an outstanding comprehensive music. We additionally offer special repertoire for your events, concerts and occasions.
Roxody Pop Group’s goal to represent an exceptional updated Turkish pop music, and perform locally and internationally.

Company Description

Roxody Production established in Bay area and organizing concerts and performances for Artists and production companies. Since end of 2009, Roxody has many Turkish events and concerts in San Francisco.


  • Akdeniz Nights – DJ – Bodrum Café, Mountain View, CA
  • Cicek Pasaji Fasil Nights – Live Fasil – Bodrum Café, CA
  • Mediterranean Nights – Live Pop Concert – Blue Macaw, San Francisco, CA
  • Fasil Nights – Live fasil Concert –  Cova Hotel Terrace, San Francisco, CA


  • Painted on Water US TourSertab ErenerWorld Acclaimed  Turkish Diva
    Demir DemirkanOne of the best composer of Turkey
    Fox Theater, Redwood City, CA – Collaborated with GNL Production
  • MFO – Mazhar Fuat Ozkan US TourAgeless Best Trio Pop Group in Turkey
    Fox Theater, Redwood City, CA – Collaborated with Serdar Ilhan
  • Husnu SenlendiriciWorld Acclaimed  Clarinet Virtuoso
    Somart Center, San Francisco, CA
  • Maskott – Kargo – Popular Turkish Pop group
    Blue Macaw, San Francisco, CA

Besides it’s production Roxody has two music groups which specialized on Fasil and Turkish Pop music groups. Fasil group coordinator Ahmet Cagin and pop group coordinator Mete Han Tasin has expert in their own areas. Roxody will be honored to represent Turkish music and unite people with their melodies.