Friday, July 11th @ 9:30 PM – Belly Dance Showcase
Internationally Known Belly Dancer Zadiel’s shows with his extraordinary belly dancer’s and his talented students.

Amina Goodyear – Ziva – Maria – Irina – Lamia – Eyyam

Zadiel Performer, Trainer and Choreographer of Oriental Dance. Traveling and sharing his knowledge of the Oriental and Turkish Folklore dance all over the world.
Zadiel – Germany’s famoust and most booked male Bellydancer!

Zadiel,alias Mehmet Sasmaz, is originally turkish, born and raised in Berlin with a strong connection with the oriental dance since childhood. Beside oriental bellydance, he was also trained in turkish folklore, wich strongly formed his dance and wich has formed a harmonic connection between turkish and oriental belly dance style for him.

Zadiel, a passionate dancer with excelent references, is verry well known in Berlin and Germany for his lots of great performances and education methods with clear didactics.

His fire and impulsive dance style, clear and explicit dance technique, his grace and charisma characterize Zadiel as a true artist in his own right.

Zadiel has performed and instructed workshops all over Germany and in countries like France, England, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Greece, Holland, several times in Japan and the USA!
Zadiel Sasmaz is a Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp teacher in the Redwoods, Mendocino, California, USA!

Zadiel is the leader of the Velvet Snake Group, the Zadiraks Belly Dance School in Berlin and he is the main organizer of the Orientalhane Bellydance Festival in Berlin.

While dancing my soul sparks.. “Zadiel”.

Zadiel’s School of Oriental Dance in Berlin:

Guest of Honor: Amina Goodyear
Amina Goodyear who is a Dancer and Teacher, Artistic Director and Choreographer for The Aswan Dancers. She is specialized on Egyptian Style Belly Dance. Amina Goodyear supports Belly Dancers in years.