::: GRIPIN concert, Opening Acts: Twenty7 & Hargo:::

Online/advance tickets: $30,
At the door: $40

For information about the tour and other locations: http://www.facebook.com/events/287693091342368/


Formed in 2000, Gripin is a 4-member pop/rock band. During the last 2 years, GRIPIN performed over 200 concerts in Europe (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Cyprus, Turkey, and Switzerland) and Azerbaijan with internationally known acts such as Cake, Evanescence, Franz Ferdinand, and many more. The band released its first album “Hikayeler Anlatildi” in 2004, the second edition of the first album in 2005, a self-titled album in 2007, and its latest album “M.S.05.03.2010” in 2010. The band has won numerous awards, landed commercial deals, and licensed its songs to several television sitcoms.

Website: www.gripin.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/gripinfan
Twitter: www.twitter.com/gripinonline


Late last year, Los Angeles-based world music/rock band Twenty7 was named one of the top unsigned bands by respected trade publication MUSIC CONNECTION, and early this year, the band’s “No Chemical Love” from their Papatya EP was nominated for Best Indie Rock Song at the Artists in Music Awards. At one of America’s largest music and art festivals, Twenty7 won the 2012 Burning Man Award out of 348 awards given out to artists and musicians for excellence, inspiration, and beauty. Now, Twenty7 is breaking into the movies as their single “Second Mind” is featured in the recently-debuted film ABOUT CHERRY, starring James Franco and Heather Graham.

Website: www.bandtwenty7.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bandtwenty7
Twitter: www.twitter.com/bandtwenty7


HARGO is a four-piece band that has been dubbed “San Diego’s Rock Shamans” and hand-picked by Don Was in May out of 3,000 bands for their unique, thunderous live show. First burst on the scene in 2011, HARGO is reaching new heights in 2012 with their cascading full-length debut OUT OF MANKIND.

Website: www.hargomusic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hargomusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/hargomusic