Black Sea Music Night with Aycan Yeter

A night of Black Sea Region ethnic Rock featuring Kerim & Burak Arafa andTurkish Tulum virtuoso Aycan Yeter. You will also enjoy Kerim’s fascinating voice during the night.

Aycan Yeter will present Black Sea rhythms with a touch of his own skills by using his unique instrument “Tulum” . Kerim and Burak will join Aycan with their guitars. Burak and Kerim brothers have performed in the many groups in Turkey including Jebel and Blueberry.

Aycan Yeter is one of the well known tulum (small bag-pipe) musicians in Turkey. He was born in Istanbul raised by his laz family, in which they were from North Eastern Black Sea coast of Turkey. He graduated from university of Eskisehir with business major. When he was young he started music with drum, and continued with Tulum. Aycan took classes from one of the best Tulum expert Selim Bolukbasi. He has been teaching Laz-Horon dances to many groups and nonprofits besides his tulum sessions. He has took role as a tulum player in many films, TV adds, and soup operas. He involve in the most famous recent European Cultural- Antakya International Project called BIRIZ with Sertap Erener,Demir Demirkan, Aynur Doğan ve Ayşenur Kolivar.

His tulum music can be listed in the albums as follows: (2011), Bayar Şahin-Gideli Hülya Polat-Haye Haye, Ayşenur Kolivar-Bahçeye Hanımeli (Hülya (2009) Polat-Pusula, Marsis-Marsis, (2008) Yaşar Kabaosmanoğlu-Salıncak
He played with, Selim Bölükbaşı Ayşenur Kolivar, Hülya Polat, Bayar Şahin, Aydoğan Topal, Erdal Bayrakoğlu, Yaşar Kabaosmanoğlu, Ayhan Alptekin, concerts.

He also played with Grups as Yorum, Marsis, Entu

He has a collection of folk songs and his own compositions. Recently Aycan, continues his edication in US and willing to combine his instruments with Rock, Raggae, Blues in the future…

Ashkenaz Music&Dance Community Center

1317 San Pablo Ave. (at Gilman), Berkeley, CA 94702

Saturday, June 9, 2012 at 9:00pm