Black Sea Dance – Tulum Workshop and Concert

A night of Black Sea Region music and dance featuring Turkish Tulum

virtuoso Aycan Yeter

7pm: Tulum Music Workshop

8pm: Black Sea Dances Workshop

9pm: Concert & Dance

TULUM WORKSHOP: Tulums will be provided for tryout.

Instructor: Aycan Yeter

Assistants: Yore Folk Dancers

The tulum (guda in Laz) is a musical instrument, similar to the bagpipe from Turkey. It is droneless with two parallel chanters, usually played by the Laz,Hamsheni people. It is a prominent instrument in the music of Pazar, Hemşin, Çamlıhemşin, Ardeşen, Fındıklı, Arhavi,Hopa, partly in other districts of Artvin and in the villages of the Tatos range (the watershed between the provinces of Rize and Trabzon) of İspir. Tulum is the instrument of the transhumant population of the north-eastern provinces of Anatolia and, its imposes its style on the whole of the dance and entertainment music.


Instructor: Aycan Yeter

Assistants: Yore Folk Dancers

Rize Horon : It comes from Rize which is located at the very North-Eastern part of Turkey’s, which mainly consists of the Laz population. This dance has one of the 5/8 rhythm dances in the area. This horon also known as Rize-Pazar in the Arhavi Region.

Kaçkar Horon : The dance name comes from authentic Laz Village Mtzanu. It has a very emotional melody and slow rhythm. Some of the dances try to mimic the High Kackar mountain by raising their arms.

Hemsin Horon: It is the most popular regional horn. The name comes from the region called Hemsin. It has strong, fast, challenging movements.

İki Ayak Horon : This is the most common Horon in the Black Sea Region. Hand and Foot moments represent happiness. This dance has hand clapping and quick foot work. People do this dance for happy occasions.

Concert and Dance:

Aycan Yeter’s solo enriched by Roxody Musicians.